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League of Nations questions

  LEAGUE OF NATIONS Marcos okecki  & Gonzalo Irazusta      Here are the answers of Lenny’s 14  questions she gave as to do about the League of Nations. Here is the link:   Answers:   1)The Aims of the League … Sigue leyendo

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“Song” by Lady Mary Wroth

Here is the work of what we do today, the quetions are in Pato´s blog, here I let you the link: 1-The voice is a woman yo suffered because of love. 2- 1 Stanza) Here we can see how … Sigue leyendo

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Booktube- Going Solo

This is mi second booktube of this year, is abut the book Going Solo, from Roald Dahl  

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Trabajo de los procesos Endógenos y Exógenos

Aca esta mi trabajo sobre los procesos Endógenoz y Exógenos, para la materia de Geografía:  

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