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              LANGUAGE TEST

This is my language test with the answers,  this was an online test that we made in class.

Task 1:

Tense review

Enter the correct verb tense into each box in the following passage. The base form of the verb is supplied in brackets. Then check your answers by clicking on the button Check answers next to each box.

Over the last twenty years, the average size of households (fall) Check answers dramatically. The number of one-person households (grow) Check answers due largely to the ageing of the population, as has the number of one-parent families. Couples having smaller families (contribute) Check answers to the fall in household size.

In 1976, 60% of families (be) Check answers couples with children. By 1996, this (fall) Check answers to 51%. Part of this change can be attributed to the increase in one-parent families with dependent children, but most of the change is due to the increase in the proportion of couple-only families. People (have) Check answers children later in life, and are living longer. Therefore, they(spend) Check answers more time living in couple-only families, both before they have families and after their children (leave)Check answers home. However, children are leaving home later. In 1981, 34% of children aged 20-24 (live)Check answers with their parents. By 1991, this (increase) Check answers to 40%. This increase has, to some extent, countered the fall in the couples with non-dependent children only.


1 has fallen

2 has grown

3 have contributed

4 were

5 had fallen

6 are now having

7 had spent

8 have left

9 lived

10 had increased


Task 2:


-In the short story ‘Eleven,’ why is Rachel most likely upset when Mrs. Price insists the sweater is hers and forces her to wear it?


All of the others are reasonable explanations.


-1. According to the short story ‘Eleven’, why does Rachel wish she were older?


She thinks she would be better able to defend herself AND would have more power to get away from this and other bad situations.


– 2. Which of the following is not a theme in the short story ‘Eleven?’




Task 3:

Write a paragraph comparing the two main children of the stories “Eleven” and “The Message from the Pigman”. Describe them using as many adjectives as you can.  What d0 they have in common or not?


     Rachel, of the story “Eleven” and Eric,  of the story “The Message from the Pigman” , have very similarities, for example being innocent. Nevertheless they also have a lot of differences, for example that Rachel is a very shy girl but Eric is not. Also in “Eleven” Rachel had a problem when she wanted to talk to Mrs. Price but Eric, didn’t have any problem to ask her mom some questions. Also Eric lives in a world of fantasy while he thought that the pigman was a monster,  but Rachel lived in the real world without thinking in anything more.


Task 4:

Write a dialogue that could have taken place between Eric and the pigman. Include a variety of tenses and underline them. Include at least three of the following terms.

sensible- puzzling- tingle-clatter-seize-drag-nod-gurgle-



Eric: Are you the pigman.

Pigman: Yes it’s me, do you bring food?

E: Yes here it is.

P: Thank you very much, do you have any question?

E: Yes a lot, for example, where do you live?

P: I live in a poor metallic house, full of garbage.

E: So when you walk the floor clatters?

P: No, because the walls are made of metal not the flood.

E: Okay…

P: Are you okay? Because you are pale…

E: This has been very puzzling.

P: It’s common for me.

E: Here it is your food, drag it.

P: Wait a second, in which house do you live?

E: We live in the yellow house.

P: Are you new in the neighborhood?

E: No we aren’t, we have been living there since April.

P: Thank you very much for the food,  what’s your name?

E: My name is Eric.

P: Well,  thank thank you Eric for the food.


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