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               DIALOGUE By gonzalo Irazusta Astrologer: Hello family! How are you? Wife: Oh! Hello, why did you come very late this time? A:I was having a last client. W: How was it? A: He was familiar to me… W: Do you … Sigue leyendo

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Passive voice

This is a video that explain us how yo use passive voice. Also in this video we can see some examples to understand it better.

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History Presentation

During the history classes, Julia asked us to make a presentation about an important figure of the 1920s, I made it about Jack Dempsy. Hope you like it! Jack dempsy from Oliviaobligado

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Practical work of the States of Matter Basics

Today in Ceci´s class, we made an experiment in pairs, in a lab simulator  focussing in three states of molecular level. These three states are called liquids, solids and gases.     The state change from one to the other. The … Sigue leyendo

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