The Berlin blockade

Our teacher gave us a task that was to make a chart, answering a few questions, and then answer other questions.

This is my chart:

And this are my questions:

1- Germany was very weak, and in the soviet part of german, the industries didn’t advance. However, in the part of Berlin that was from Britain, USA and France, they were trying to help them to recover.


2-  The soviets were very strict, and they did not accept any help of Truman to recover Germany, but the part that was from USA, was trying to be helped by Truman. Also Stalin influenced a lot in his part of Germany, establishing the communism.


3- It was a key issue so that both sides could recover economically, however Stalin didn’t accept this help that came from Truman. Obviously, Truman did this not only to help Germany, but also that it could keep his side of Germany with capitalism.


4- It was a major feat because through this, they could stop the Berlin blockade. Also because they feared than Stalin could shoot to the planes, but at the end, they were successfully.


5- They increased the tension during the airlift because, USA was helping the people of the soviet part of Germany without the concern of Stalin, and Stalin was not happy with this act.


6- Stalin made this because he realised that with the airlift, the blockade was unuseful, because the soviet part was being helped by the capitalist part.


EQ: In my opinion, I think that the soviets, because they started all the tension there with this idea of the blockade, and then the americans reacted in a good way, with a good idea, but also that idea increased the tension between those two.

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