Essay Lion Heart

Essay Lion heart by Amanda Chong


Eq: This poem proudly describes Singapore. The poet cleverly uses the Merlion to symbolize the magnificence and pride of her home country. Comment closely on this.


     The Merlion is the national personification of Singapore, this means that is a symbol that represents the magnificence of Singapore. This statue combines the “mer” which is refer to the sea. The fish body represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village and “lion” which  represents Singapore’s original name, meaning to a “lion city”. She talks about both of fish and lion to express the greatness of this beautiful nation.

      The writer uses the Merlion to describe what the country means to her, and to symbolises all the greatness and magnificence that you will find if you visit that beautiful country. She tries to transmit us this by describing the Merlion like a strong and brave animal, and combining it with the fish, that means agility, balance, nevertheless it also represents the sea and the ocean.

        She conveys us a feeling and an impression that make us feel how strong the culture of the country is, only making imagining the symbol of the lion and the fish, by joining both in a sublimity statue of both animals joined together to represent an enormous nation full of culture and full of braveness.

       In conclusion, the writer uses a lot the presence of the Merlion in this poem to represent what this country means to her, a strong and powerful nation full of greatness and an extended culture.

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