Self reflection of Literature

In the following post I will make a self reflection about this year in Literature.

This was a great year, were I learnt a lot of new things. We studied new great stories and poems. A good story was “Billenuim”, which teached us new things, and how bad and selfish can the attitudes of the human beings be.

There were also some difficulties. In the IGCSE group of facebook there were a lot of tasks, and sometimes it was very difficult to make them all. There were very difficult poems, that were diffivult to understand, and I had to read analyses or ask one friend to understand them.

It was a good year were I learnt a lot of new things, and I think that I grew because now after the IGCSE I have experience and I am ready to the following international exams that will come. So thank you Pat for this incredible year, were I learnt new things and I spent a good time learning and sharing with my friends in the Literature class!!!

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Gon!! Thanks for your kind words!
    I´m happy you learnt and had fun, too!

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